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high quality kraft paper bags

Kraft paper bags non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, in line with national environmental standards, with high strength, high environmental protection, is currently the most popular international environmental packaging materials. With kraft paper production kraft paper bags are more and more widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, shoe stores, clothing stores and so on shopping, generally there will be kraft paper bag supply, to facilitate customers to bring the purchase of goods. Kraft paper bag is an environmentally friendly bag, its variety.

kraft paper bags

The emergence of kraft paper bags changed the amount of people can only carry the amount of goods can be carried by the hands of the limited number of traditional thinking, but also makes consumers no longer worry about not take down and reduce the shopping itself a pleasant experience.

In the next half a century, the development of kraft paper shopping bags can be described as smooth sailing, material improvement to its load-bearing capacity continues to increase, the appearance has become more sophisticated, manufacturers will be a variety of trademarks, patterns printed on kraft paper Bag on.

However, with the "anti-plastic" style of the global prevalence of environmentalists who began to look to the ancient kraft paper bags. McDonald's Chinese companies from 2006, gradually in all stores to implement a kind of insulation performance kraft paper bag to hold take-away food to replace the use of plastic food bags.

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